June is National Candy Month!

That’s right! And while kids around the country will be double-fisting chocolate-covered Wax Lips and puddle water taffy (both available in Magicland’s sweet shop!), we’re going to dedicate the most sugary month of all to our special FUNployee who is almost as sweet as her name.**

(**Our lawyers legally require us to disclose that the previous statement assumes we are grading on a curve.)

Since it’s Candy’s special month, we have a whole schedule of events dedicated to her:

Candy-coated Corn Dogs

We all know how much Candy loves corndogs, so this month the Fry Anything stand will be offering a special candy-coated corn dog in her honor. Choose between Candy’s two favorite sweets: Warheads and candy-corn-flavored antacid tablets. If you see her in the park, ask her to autograph your corndog stick. You never know what she’ll say!

(We don’t even know what she’ll say. But this seems like a good time to mention that the first aid tent is located in the middle of the corn maze with a branch office inside The Tunnel of Mild Affection. Our medical staff is very efficient at removing corndog sticks from bodily orifices, so you can get right back to the magic!)

Scavenger Hunt for the Information Booth

Candy believes that knowledge must be earned, so she loves to give park goers a challenge by moving the information booth to undisclosed locations (until Jake finds it and tells her to move it back). Jake has assured us he will not be wasting any time this month looking for the information booth (he was babbling about getting ready for a safety inspection or a safety dance or something), so the hunt is on! Where do you think Candy put the booth today? Inside the haunted house? The bottom of the wave pool? The top of the log flume? If you find it, let us know!

(Seriously, let us know. No one has seen that thing for a week.)

Resting Candy Face Contest

Candy has a very distinctive look, so we want you to show us your best resting Candy face. The winner gets a free park map. (Trust us, with the information booth gone, this is a very valuable prize!) We’ve even included a picture of Candy’s infamous resting face for inspiration!

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