Miami Magic Machine!

Have you heard the good news? The Magicland webseries has been named an official selection in this year’s Miami Web Fest, starting on September 29th! The Magicland crew is so excited, we’ve already started planning our trip.

Of course, at Magicland, putting a travel itinerary together can be somewhat complicated. Park owner Jake Skinkerelli doesn’t fly — after the incident with his dad last year on the Tilt-A-Zoom, he’s sworn off any activity that could fling someone more than twelve feet above ground level.

(Sadly, this also precludes us from traveling by ratcheting up the RPMs on the “Tower of Terror” ferris wheel. Or shooting ourselves from the Water Blaster. So much for staying within Magicland’s travel budget.)

Magicland hairdresser and special travel coordinator Permo the Clown suggested we form a conga line and walk to Miami, because “it’s just right there on the map”. We tried to explain that the festival is in Miami, Florida and not at Miami of Ohio, but by that point she and Nurse Otis and a string of Fry Anything cooks had shimmied halfway to Dayton.

The rest of us — besides park manager Candy, who says she’s washing her hair that weekend, and good riddance, anyway — pooled our money and gave it to Skinkerteer Dirk, to reserve a rental car. That was four days ago. He hasn’t come back yet, but we did get a postcard from Atlantic City saying he’s “cruising for late-model rides”. That might be some sort of code; he also asked for bail money.

So our road trip plans, as usual, boil down to the usual: we’ll pack our bags in the Happy Worm Train and chug Magicland’s cheeriest ride all the way to South Florida — just as soon as Conductor Bob can find it. Last we saw the Worm Train, it was headed south toward Cincinnati. Maybe the clown conga line will run into it there. Miami or bust!

Header image via Flickr by Daniel Reichert