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Hours and Directions

At Magicland, we believe the fun should never stop. That’s why Magicland never closes! We’re America’s only year-round always-open theme park, so stop by any time — night or day, rain or shine, there’s always magic happening at Magicland!

(Some rides and attractions may be unavailable at certain times. But if you don’t see our lovable Sammy Skink mascot roaming the park during your visit, just tell any of our merry Magicland “funployees”. We’ll wake him up for you!)

For more information about Magicland, to ask about a child in our Lost and Found, submit a corn dog testimonial or to be notified about a Wax Lips recall, please contact us at

And kids — it couldn’t be easier to get to Magicland! Just hop in the car and have your parents follow these simple directions:

  • Take Route 475 West to exit 15B (“Pleasure Planet” exit)
  • Take Pleasure Planet Boulevard 1.3 miles south (follow the “Pleasure Planet” signs)
  • Go straight past the Pleasure Planet theme park entrance (very important!)
  • In 500 yards, take a left onto Pleasure Planet Auxiliary Shipping Way.
  • Drive half a mile, then turn right near the Pleasure Planet popcorn silo onto Ohio Rural Access Road 412.

* After dark, you may have to unlatch the steel gate to access the road. But don’t worry about the “Severe Tire Damage” warning signs. Those are just for laughs!

  • Take Rural Road 412 another half a mile, turn left onto the gravel path, left again at the stop sign, right at the abandoned hospital, across the pasture and you’re already at the Magicland parking lot!

Simply park your car and wait for a complimentary Magicland tram to whisk you away to Magicland, just on the other side of the Pleasure Planet campus. You’re only twenty-to-thirty-five minutes from magic!