Eyes on the July Sky at Magicland!

The month of July is hovering ominously over us, which means it’s time for Magicland to celebrate America’s favorite summer holiday!

That’s right — July 2nd is World UFO Day, and we’re honoring our “homies from the heavens” with a special night of fun. It all starts at 6pm with “Saucerwatch ’16”, where we’ll load folks into roller coaster cars, and run you to the top of “Dead Man’s Hill”, the tallest point in the park. You’ll be in the perfect spot for UFO watching, right up until midnight when we bring you back down to earth.

(Also, we apologize once again to any patrons from last year’s Saucerwatch. We’ll set an alarm this time to turn the power back on, we promise. Still, the sunrise must have been breathtaking. No extra charge!)

For UFO fans closer to the ground, keep an eye out for the Fry Anything stand’s famous “flying saucerages”. These some-beef sausage patties are pounded extra thin, double-fried with love and lard, and flung like frisbees around the park for patrons to enjoy. They’re a little hard to see after dark — especially with the lights off for better UFO viewing — but they’re always delicious, any time of day.

And don’t forget to sign our annual always-popular petition to keep the weekend fireworks-free. We’ve heard the whispers of people saying Magicland is against Independence Day fireworks because we can’t afford them (which our accountant says is definitely not technically true, probably).

But the truth is, we just don’t want to upset the UFOs and the little green (or purple) men and women inside. So come celebrate World UFO Day at Magicland, keep your eyes on the skies and remember: skinks want to believe!