It’s National Roller Coaster Day!

To celebrate this special day, here are a few fun facts about the biggest — and smallest — thrills at Magicland!

  1. Magicland has three official coasters: a steel coaster, a wooden coaster, and a cobblestone coaster. Ever wondered why the ground shakes so much at Magicland? It’s not an earthquake — it’s just the Bedrock Blaster taking off!
  2. Despite what our Yelp reviews say, the Happy Worm Train is not an official roller coaster. This may change next season if Conductor Bob keeps taking it on “unscheduled adventures” down the log flume.
  3. Magicland’s Space Junk® Coaster was the first accidental roller coaster in the whole world! Our lawyers forbid us to explain exactly why it was an “accident”, but rest assured that landfills, inflatable aliens, and a squee-worthy amount of kinetic energy doesn’t come together on purpose.
  4. At Magicland, we think mid-ride photographs are so 2015. (Also, they require special camera equipment that we can’t afford.) But! All the Magicland coasters now offer an exciting new feature  — the Pre-Ride™ photo! We’ll snap a picture of you waiting outside in the hot Toledo sun, so you will always remember just how relieved you were to get on the ride! (Providing the lingering heat stroke doesn’t remind you.)
  5. And speaking of fun things to do before you ride, at Magicland you won’t end your roller coaster ride by exiting through the gift shop. We start the line inside the gift shop, so you can shop before you ride! Pick up a few souvenirs for the kiddos while you wait!  After all, nothing adds an extra thrill to your coaster ride than a bunch of foam fingers waving around!