Find a Golden Sticket at Magicland!

You don’t have to be a Gloop, a Salt or Willy Wonka to travel to a land of pure imagination. Because this weekend, Magicland is holding a sweet-themed contest of its own — and you could be one of the lucky winners!

On Friday night, our wonky mascot Sammy Skink will cook up a special batch of corn dogs — but five of them will be extra-special, because they’ll be made with gold-tipped sticks! If you finish a corn dog and find yourself holding one of these painted sticks — or as we say, a Golden Sticket — then you’ve won! Track down Sammy Skink and show him your shiny stick to redeem your prize.

And what is that prize — a tour through a magical chocolate factory? No. Something even better!

Your Golden Sticket earns you a trip to Magicland’s own Sugar Warehouse. It might look like a trailer on the back lot where we store surplus candy — but it’s so, so much more. Decades of sweet treats have come and gone through the door. Every goody you can think of, from candy corn to circus peanuts and jelly beans to jawbreakers, is tucked somewhere inside the Sugar Warehouse. If the walls could talk, they’d have diabetes.

Contest winners’ tours begin at 8pm sharp on Sunday evening. Lucky Golden Sticket holders will get a pocket flashlight and five minutes alone in the Sugar Warehouse, no questions asked or pockets checked afterward. Now that’s a good day! I said, good day!

So come by Magicland this weekend and look for your very own Golden Sticket. You might just find yourself with Sammy Skink and the Sugar Warehouse, in a land of pure imagination. And sugar. Mostly sugar. Oompa Loompas not included.

Tasty corn dog image by IntangibleArts on Flickr.