Celebrate Towel Day 2015 at Magicland!

“Magicland is magic. Really magic. You just won’t believe how awesomely, insanely, unbelievably magical it is. I mean, you may think shooting stars and unicorns are special, but that’s just circus peanuts to Magicland.”

The above is not, in point of fact, a quote by the beloved late humorist and author of the five-book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Douglas Adams. We at Magicland are very big fans, however, and phoned Mr. Adams back in the summer of 1999 to ask if he might be willing to say those words as an endorsement for the park. The words he said instead were:

“You’re an ‘Ohiotheme park’? What’s an ‘Ohiotheme’? It sounds like a small dinosaur with a lisping problem. And how did you get this number, anyway?”

Today, this remains the most positive celebrity endorsement Magicland has received.

Sadly, Douglas Adams died two years later — an event we maintain was in no way related to our somewhat confusing telephone conversation — and we never got a chance to ask again. But we’re pleased as punch spiked with Arcturan Mega-gin to honor his memory by celebrating the 15th annual Towel Day in true Magicland style!

Towel Day 2015 is Monday, May 25th — and also Memorial Day, which is perfect for remembering someone! Magicland has a whole galaxy of Adams-related tributes in the works, including:

  • Free Vogon poetry reading at noon beside the Fry Anything stand!
  • Bring a towel and ride it down our waterslide! Or the log flume! Or into the bumper car enclosure!
  • For one day, the Blaster “super sprinkler” will be renamed after the famous Hitchhiker’s Guide cocktail, the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster! (Note: Please do not attempt to drink directly from the Blaster, as this may cause damage to your teeth, tongue and /or tonsils.)

Also, Magicland is proud to announce that the first 142 people in the park on May 25th will receive their very own free towel!

(Due to budget constraints, the towels provided to patrons will be “Browny” value brand paper towels, as opposed to linen.

We called Brawny — and also Bounty, Viva, Scott and Sparkle — about sponsoring the event, but they all gave us the same reply: “How did you get this number, anyway?”

We’re beginning to sense a pattern.)

So don’t panic! And join the hoopiest froods in galactic sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha at Magicland on May 25th for Towel Day! It’s mostly harmless — we promise!