Golden Sticket Contest 2015 Recap

Congratulations to Magicland’s Golden Sticket contest winners! Over the weekend, five lucky Toledo-area youngsters found the special gold-tipped sticks inside their corn dogs, and won five magical minutes alone inside the Magicland Sugar Warehouse. Where they stuffed their pockets — and their faces — full of dreams! After the tour on Sunday night, we talked with the winners:

Deveaux resident Kerwin Spingle, age 9, bought seven corn dogs before finding his lucky Sticket. “I let Ralph eat most of them, until he threw up behind the Haunted House. And then he pooped. That was cool.”

(We later learned that Ralph is the Spingle family’s pet pomeranian. We were all quite relieved. Except for the maintenance crew on cleanup duty this morning.)

Next, we spoke with 11-year-old Gretchen Libbey from Five Points, who said:

“I liked the part where I was in the trailer with the candy. It was dark, but I kept grabbing stuff and eating it. And I don’t know what it was, but some of it tasted like lemons. Or furniture polish. My mom uses Pledge. Do you own furniture? That’s a funny word, ‘furniture’. I think I’ll go climb the Ferris wheel, bye!”

Way to get your Sticket’s worth, Gretchen. Attagirl.

We spent a bit of time with Jackie Clupp, age 12, from Franklin Park, but she was still working her way through an impressive ball of gummy worms she found on her tour. Best as we could tell, she found the experience “glrphhtp“, her favorite part was the “mmphrmmnth” and she’d like to thank Magicland for “sshpfrrghlbnkgh“. You’re quite welcome, Jackie. We assume.

Winner Davey Hapler from North Towne is just 2 years old; his father actually found the Golden Sticket and selflessly donated it to his son. “Well, I’ve got the diabetes,” said the elder Hapler, “so it seemed like the right thing to do.” Davey didn’t score a lot of candy, as he fell into a bucket of wax lips upon entering the Sugar Warehouse. But his pop fished him out, and Davey seemed to have a great time, nonetheless. Best of luck on developing those motor skills before next year’s contest, kid.

Our final Golden Sticket winner is Bradley Englebert, age 13, from Scott Park. Unfortunately, Bradley hasn’t been seen since his tour began, and we’re not exactly sure where he is. His family relays that he can be “real stubborn sometimes”, so our working theory is that he’s holed up in the Sugar Warehouse, hoping to live the rest of his days on a diet of Pop Rocks and candy cigarettes.

Of course, we at Magicland have dealt with similar situations in the past, so we’re confident we can coax Bradley back to the outside world. Ideally, we won’t have a repeat of the Unfortunate Bug Bomb Incident of 2002, but at this point, that’s really up to Bradley. Our negotiator has yet to make confirmed contact.

In the meantime, congratulations to all of our Magicland Golden Sticket contest winners!

Happy candy face pic by Flmb on Flickr.