Where Moooooo-gic Comes to Life!

Magicland may be the home of Sammy Skink, the Happy Worm train and western Toledo’s 9th favorite corn dogs — but on Tuesday, July 14th, our park will go batty for the bovines.

That’s because July 14th is Cow Appreciation Day, and Magicland has a “cow-razy” celebration planned. Here are some highlights of our heifer-themed hoedown:

  • All day long, all Magicland drinking fountains will dispense milk instead of water — 1% around the food pavilion, 2% by the adventure rides and luxurious whole milk along the Midway. Yum!
  • “Smell That Dairy Air” exhibit — resident Magicland chemistry expert Conductor Bob will take patrons on a fascinating guided tour all about methane, and the cows that make it. Personal air fresheners available upon request.
  • Every hour on the hour, come see “stunt cow” Bernard bungee from a special trap-door platform high above the concourse. It’s a must-see (though we don’t recommend walking directly under the platform, for various reasons). Cow-a-bungee!
  • The “Half for Calf” promotion — bring your own cow or steer to the park, and your furry friend can ride any Magicland ride alongside you for half price! (Onexception: due to last year’s incident, Magicland regrets that cows are no longer allowed to operate the bumper cars. Sorry, Bessie.)
  • Come enjoy a deep-fried “Crispy Cud” at the Fry Anything food stand. (Don’t worry — it’s not actual cud; mostly it’s pulverized Fritos and spray cheese.)
  • The Tramming of the Bulls — witness our annual tradition, where all the visiting bovines are paraded around the Magicland parking lot in our passenger tram. It’s like Pamplona, only civilized!

There’s all this and more of our “dairy little secrets” planned for Cow Appreciation Day at Magicland. So round up your herd and stampede down to see us on July 14th. Because when it comes to fun, you can always cow-nt on Magicland!

Header image by Dennis Hill via Flickr