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Magicland is home to over 37 magical rides and attractions, and there is always something new to see! Here are some of our fan favorites:

Featured Rides

Tilt-a-Zoom: After a year of renovation, Magicland now has the oldest and fastest Tilt-a-Whirl in the country! Each car is powered with its own motorcycle engine, giving you the tiltiest and whirliest experience this side of Amsterdam! Join us for the grand reopening on May 1, 2015!

Update: Closed for repairs 5/2/2015

Skink Wheel: There is no better view of Magicland than on the top of this double-decker Ferris Wheel! For an extra thrill on the downswing, your Skink Wheel cart will come within inches of the kiddie Ferris Wheel next door. Reach out and give a fellow wheel-rider the secret skink handshake!

Happy Worm train: A long-standing fixture in Thrillville, the Happy Worm train is the best way to see all the sights of the park. Our lovable Conductor Bob is known for taking the train on daring — and often completely unscheduled — adventures, so no two rides are ever the same! Just keep your hands, legs, and tails inside the ride, and remember — the haunted house won’t seem so scary when you plow through it on the Happy Worm!

Space Junk® Coaster: You’ve dared to ride the Comet and Space Mountain, but you’ve never experienced anything as terrifying as the Space Junk® Coaster! Strap on your safety helmet and leap into your coaster car, where you’ll shoot off into space while dodging shards of broken satellites that orbit the Earth. An educational and fun experience for all ages! And, if you get a metal shard stuck in your helmet, you can take it home as a souvenir!

The Terrorizer: Hitchcock made sparrows scary, but even he couldn’t imagine the terror these giant pink flamingos hold. If you’re brave enough, step into these pink-nightmare boats and paddle off into the unpredictable waters of the Sauntering River. You never know – you just might need to ward off a crocodile! (Or the Happy Worm train!)

The Water Blaster: The most popular fire hose this end of West Toledo! Hold on to your tankini when you stand in front of this high-powered sprinkler, for the blast may shoot you clean out of the water park!


Carl’s Corndogs: Meet your daily recommended fiber intake with our corn dogs made with real corn breading! Located conveniently near the port-a-potties.

Fry Anything: John Cusack may have tugged at your heart strings with his boom box, but our deep fat fryer will tug at your unclogged arteries. Try the Fried Wax Lips. They’re a Magicland exclusive!

It’s Little Italy! Mobster and Mayhem Dining Attraction: Formerly the It’s a Little Planet boat ride, this thrilling dining attraction will whisk you into the seedy underbelly of the Italian mob. Dive into the action as you check your bread basket for bullet holes and challenge your family to eat lasagna on a high-speed getaway boat. Free ponchos for every customer!

Gift Stores

Remember your day of magic by bringing home a special souvenir from one of our festive gift stores!

  • Hats off to Sammy: Show your skink pride! Pick up your personalized Sammy Skink hat and sticky lizard gloves here.
  • Skink-tique Have a little princess in your life? Then take her to the Skink-tique where she can get made over into Skinkerella, Skinking Beauty or Skinkerbell! The “skinky” makeup stays on for days, so your little darling can spread magic wherever she goes!
  • Toledo Treasures: A store that celebrates everyone’s ninth favorite Ohio city! Swing by the book section where you can pick up your own autographed copy of the local best-seller, “Are you There, God? It’s me, Toledo.”
  • Ohio Tire and Battery: Free Sammy the Skink air freshener with every tire rotation!
  • Magicland’s Surf Shop: We may be in Toledo, but in Magicland it is summer all the time! Pick up your flip flops, sarongs, and Sammy-approved sunscreen here. The tingle wards off frostbite!