This Is Cow We Do It!

Magicland’s Cow Appreciation Day was a mooooojor success! More than thirty head of cattle made their way to the park on Tuesday for a day of fun in the sun and cuds with their buds.

Also, customers brought three goats, a horse, a donkey and most of a stuffed labradoodle. Not exactly “cows”, as per the instructions — but the guests of honor didn’t seem to mind. The more the mooooorrier, right?

And our cow compadres had plenty of festivities to enjoy! From the heifer pageant to Skee-Bull, people tipping to henna branding, and shooting milk into the clown’s mouths, this bovine bash had it all. Not to mention the rides! What happy-go-lucky Holstein doesn’t love a spin around the Ferris wheel or a four-stomach-turning plunge on a coaster?

Sadly, the day wasn’t entirely incident-free. The Magicland staff would like to apologize to anyone caught in the stampede that clogged the exit to the haunted house. (Who knew cows were so frightened of ghosts?) And for the rogue longhorn that ignored our rule against cows riding the bumper cars, and was cited by Toledo PD near I-475 for reckless grazing.

We’re also sorry to report that Hoofie, the cow who attempted to “udder flop” down the log flume run, unfortunately did not survive her injuries. Magicland will be holding a candlelight ceremony this Sunday afternoon, followed by a beef jerky and hamburger buffet.

All in all, it was a great day for Magicland and for our bovine buddies all over northwestern Ohio. If you missed it this year, you’ll just have to mooooooove faster next time around!