Have a Blast(er) at Magicland!

August is here, and summer’s in full sweaty swing. If you want to beat the heat this weekend, then come to Magicland for everyone’s favorite summertime attraction: the Water Blaster.

Since 2010, Magicland’s beloved Water Blaster has been cooling off patrons with festive jets of extreme high-pressure water. Our equipment was kindly donated by the Toledo Fire Department, after the water sprays accidentally broke too many windows during firefights. But where Toledo’s finest only saw “property damage liability”, Magicland saw fun!

Since then, hundreds of Magicland visitors have been “Water Blastered” up against our special foam-covered backstops, and occasionally beyond. Many of these visitors even bought tickets first! It’s always a great way to cool off, but here are some ways to make your Blaster experience truly special:

  • Once your hair is drenched, why not stop by our MagicLocks hair studio for a shampoo and style? Permo the Clown is always ready to help you with a kicky or hilarious new ‘do.
  • Strike a pose before your Blast. Our “Blastmaster” Felbert recommends “the Heisman”, “the Titanic” and “the fetal position” as popular favorites.
  • Have your wedding reception in the Blaster! Or your wedding! Or a surprise party! Or a surprise wedding!
  • Test out your rain gear. If we can’t soak your underpants within thirty seconds, your next Blast is half-off! (Note: does not apply to full-body wetsuits or Magicland patrons going “commando”.)

So come celebrate summer with Magicland, and the second-most powerful water jet attraction in the state (next to the Cleveland S.W.A.T. team’s crowd dispersal cannon). We guarantee you’ll have a BLAST!