Cold Case Cracked!

Magicland’s Guess the Snowcone Flavor was a slush-filled success!  Tens of people licked Chef Sluggo’s mystery cone, and we’re proud to announce that almost no one had an allergic reaction!** So, without further ado,  the mystery snow cone flavor was….

Chocolate Cherry Jubilee! 

Unfortunately, no one guessed that. But some of you got pretty close! Here are the top fifteen  guesses from our snowcone taste testers.

  1. Blue cheese
  2. Olive loaf
  3. Wilted cilantro
  4. Dental dam
  5. Escargot
  6. Double-garlic hummus
  7. Brown
  8. Beer-battered haggis
  9. Zima
  10. That miniature Krackle bar I found in my Christmas stocking from like 3 years ago
  11. That Stuff You Drink Before a Colonoscopy that Makes You Poop
  12. Poop
  13. Lobster Bouillabaisse
  14. Packing peanuts
  15. Chef Sluggo

Thanks to all who helped us crack the case of the mystery snowcone flavor! And remember to drop by our food stands for the finest fair food this side of Southeast Toledo. Because here at Magicland, every meal is a mystery!

**Gluten intolerance not included.