An (Ice) Cold Case at Magicland!

The sun is shining, the WaterBlaster has thawed and the carnies’ foreheads are shimmering like a freshly molted skink. Yes, it’s officially summer in Magicland, and we are kicking off the season with a snow cone caper!

Magicland’s executive chef, Chef Sluggo (a graduate from the esteemed Peoria Online School of Culinary Arts), has spent the month of June locked away in his food truck mixing, sifting and kneading syrups to come up with an exclusive snow cone flavor just for Magicland!  (We actually had to bang on his door a few times to wake him up. He’s very dedicated to his craft!) He finally emerged yesterday with his latest slushie sensation, and we want YOU to guess the flavor! Just drop by any snow cone stand and order “the gray one.”** Then take a lick and let us know what you taste!

Post your guess to our Facebook page (or whisper your guess to the nearest partially awake carnie), and stay tuned on Friday for the results! Everyone who guesses the correct flavor will receive a FREE fried popsicle from the Fry Anything stand. Because every day is FryDay at Magicland!

**Actual color may vary.