Tilt-A-Whoa, Nelly!

Regular visitors to Magicland will know that our hallowed and historic Tilt-A-Whirl has been under maintenance for the past few weeks. Some might have worried there was a problem with our ride — the oldest of its kind in the world. We’re sure we saw patrons holding a vigil over by the teacups last week.

Well, fear not, Whirl-ficionados! Magicland’s most-prized ride is not only alive and well, but will soon be better than ever. As the regular maintenance window rolled around this year, the park’s brain trust had an idea: our Tilt-A-Whirl is already the oldest one running; why not make it the fastest one running, too?

So we did!

It turns out the operator of Magicland’s Happy Worm Train, Conductor Bob, has contacts with a local motorcycle enthusiasts shop. So the park had a few mechanics in, negotiated a deal and over the past month a dedicated crew of fun-loving hog jockeys has stripped, rebuilt and supercharged our Tilt-A-Whirl engine.

(They’ve asked us to give a shout-out to their local motorcycling club. We’re more than happy to! Thanks go out to all the hard-working members of Satan’s Minions — Toledo loves you!)

With the modifications complete, we’re just doing a bit of testing before the grand Tilt-A-Whirl new and improved re-opening this weekend. Stop by the park to “give it a whirl” on Saturday afternoon; Magicland’s own “Uncle Frank” Skinkerelli will be on hand to celebrate the occasion — and maybe even take a spin! Tilt-A-Wheeeee!