Reading and Writing and Arithme-skink!

Magicland is still in a daze over our super-scholastic school days celebration! A weekend full of carnie locker raids, school supply hoarding and the perpetual science experiments of the Fry Anything stand ensured that there was enough matriculated magic for all! The surprise hit of the weekend was the chalk eraser clapping station outside the kiddie park. The little pipsqueaks kicked up so much chalk that we haven’t had to turn the fog machine on in the haunted house for three days! Until the chalk cloud disappears, the Southeast Toledo Board of Health does require us to issue a daily smog alert for the park, but that’s a small price to pay for magic! (Current smog level is orange, for Orange You Wishing You Came to Magicland?)

The weekend also brought an exciting and unexpected milestone. We’re thrilled to announce that we are now officially the first theme park in America to send a school bus down a log flume (legal note: this was completely unintentional, and we have corrected the faulty directional sign  that read “parking lot” instead of “log flume entrance”. But talk about getting your thrills in the second you arrive at the park!)

The winner of the Find the Hidden Sharpies competition was little Billy Davidson who found a whopping 342 markers. The actual total was 379, but 37 of those were disqualified due to illegal search and seizure. (Sorry, Billy! We still appreciate your gumption!)  As of Tuesday, almost all the markers have been recovered and/or lost to the elements. (By “elements” we mostly mean the Happy Worm Train, which we’re still looking for. So keep an eye out on the Toledo highway, eagle-eye commuters!) We also passed out 230 watermelons as part of our #TeachersDeserveMoreThanApples Awareness Campaign. Unfortunately, most of our rides are not built to safely transport melons, so almost all of them got smashed in rather comedic ways. But, hey! Whatever is good enough for Gallagher is certainly good enough for Toledo’s super-dee-duper teachers!

There was one minor snafu to the weekend that we need to report. To help our patrons with school supply purchases this year, we offered the winners of our Guess the Locker Stench? game a free item of their choosing from Magicland’s office supply closet. Unfortunately, a few guests were a bit too eager, and we are now missing a few vital things from our office that we need to keep the magic flowing. If you accidentally walked away with any of these items from our office, please return them to the nearest Magicland funployee:

  • 2 industrial paper shredders
  • 1 dot matrix printer
  • The toaster oven from the employee lunch room
  • Our office assistant Candy’s deluxe fly swatter
  • 2 men’s room doors (exterior door and one stall door is missing)