Binders, and Paper Clips, and Three-Hole Punches, oh My!

Magicland is ringing with the sounds of parents screaming and kids wailing,  and this time it’s not because of a broken Tilt-a-Whirl! Yes, it’s that time of the year when Toledo kiddies head back to class, and we want to add a little magic to your back-to-school preparation.  Check out the special scholastic shindig we have in store this weekend!

  • Melons for Teacher! At Magicland, we think teachers deserve more than a measly old apple. So we’re giving them a whole watermelon!  (One watermelon per Toledo-area school I.D.) Carrying your teacher appreciation watermelon around the park will let everyone know that you educate the leaders of tomorrow, plus it will get your arms in shape for 10 months of lugging school books!  Note: Due to safety reasons, teachers carrying watermelons will not be allowed to use the single rider line for any attraction except the Tunnel of Love.
  • Marker? I Hardly Know Her!  You know how that other theme park has “Find the Hidden Mickeys?” Well, Magicland has come up with a more practical (and fun!) version: “Find the Hidden Sharpies!” Our funployees have hidden new (and gently used) permanent markers all around the park to help you stock up for the school year. Can’t find one of these colorful treasures?  Well, have you tried the Fry Anything stand?  Hint: “Anything” is right in the name!
  • Cheese Bus: Nothing quite says back-to-school like a big yellow cheese bus, and Magicland is the only place that has a bus actually made out of cheese! No whey, you say?  Yes, whey!  And only our magical Imagin-a-tors “curd” make it happen!  Grab a spork and chow down on the provolone wheels, stuff your face with the Swiss cheese seat covers, or nibble on “Colby” the bus driver, who is carved out of feta and string cheese. There’s plenty of “gouda” eating for all, so head on down to the cheese bus, located between the Space Junk Coaster and the Merry-go-backwards.  If you get lost, just follow the smell of Limburger. You’ll either end up at the cheese bus or the carnie’s locker room, which brings us to…
  • Guess That Locker Stench! Only Magicland could take an unsavory school cliché and turn it into a fun new carnival game!  Travel down to the uncharted depths of the Magicland locker room, and try to guess the smell coming from the carnie lockers.  If you guess correctly, you win an item of your choosing out of the Magicland office supply closet.  Need more than one whiff to guess? No problem!  The First Aid Station will have smelling salts on hand, so you can get right back to consciousness and continue the smell-o-licious fun!
  • Skink-guard Your Gym Socks:  Dreading what your kids will trek home from the school showers after gym class?  Before you end your day of magic, head on over to the gift store and arm your little darling’s sweat socks with Sammy the Skink’s disinfectant foot spray. Because Sammy knows, you can’t spell antifungal without FUN!