What’s New at Magicland? Nothing!

Here at Magicland, we host celebrations for all the big holidays. Arbor Day. Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Festivus. But this Saturday, we’re gearing up to celebrate… nothing.

That’s because Saturday is National Nothing Day, and we’re getting in the spirit of no celebrations, no observations, no honoring or holidaying. Nothing.

So come join us Saturday for National Nothing Day. We’ll just be hanging around the park — but feel free to let yourselves in. (Don’t forget to drop your ticket fee into the “honor system” box, of course.)

Sit quietly in a bumper car for a while (they won’t bump), or check out the front door of our haunted house. We’ve revamped our food court and Fry Anything menus — they’re serving nothing. And you can still play Ring Toss on the Midway. (If you bring your own rings. And if you win, the prize is nothing!)

Some people like Christmas, or St. Paddy’s, or Cinco de Mayo. But Magicland’s favorite holiday is right around the corner this Saturday. And we do Nothing Day like nobody’s business!

Header image by METRO96 via Wikimedia.