It’s New Year’s Skinkin’ Eve at Magicland!

The staff and crew at Magicland would like to wish everyone a skinky new year!

Remember, the park is always open, so come ring in the new year with us at Magicland. We’ve got oodles of festive activities planned, including:

  • A midnight firework extravaganza! (That’s singular “firework”, as we could only afford one this year. But don’t miss it; it’s a doozy!)
  • Free ‘Baby New Year 2004’ sash for patrons two years old and under! (Limited surplus supply; one per toddler, please.)
  • After-dark ice skating on the Terrorizer swan boat pond!
  • While our beloved local mascot Rocky the Rocket from the University of Toledo was booked, we did get Sparkles the Sparkly Sparkler from the South Side Montessori Academy. Go, Fightin’ Sparks!
  • Complimentary hunk of fried champagne from the Fry Anything! stand. (Non-alcoholic fried cider also available.)

What better way to make your new year magical than to celebrate with us? So bundle up, light a sparkler (but not Sparkles, please) and join the party at Magicland. It’s where magic — and 2016 — come to life!