March Your Mutt to Magicland!

Hey, kids — this Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day! But it’s still a Friday, and it’s summer, and dogs hate paperwork. So call in sick instead and march your mutt to Magicland!

We’ll have all sorts of fun for your furry friends to enjoy. Friday only, dogs ride free on the Terrorizer! Three free squirts per pooch from the Water Blaster! And two-for-one trips on the dog-paddle boats — which are regular paddle boats, but missing the floor, which is most of them!

Also, be sure to treat your poochy pal to a treat from the Fry Anything stand. Just for the occasion, we’re offering twice-fried chili dogs!

(No actual dogs were harmed in the making of the hot dogs. Actually, we’re pretty sure no four-legged animals were harmed in the making of our hot dogs. Or our chili, for that matter.)

And no doggy day would be complete without a trip to Permo’s Beauty Salon for a makeover grooming. Check out the happy canine customer above — and that’s not even Permo’s best work! She was just practicing on a fire dog that came by with the fire trucks during last year’s event.

(Speaking of which, we unfortunately can’t offer our signature triple-fried chili dogs this year. It’s a lawyer thing.)

So this Friday, duck out with your dachshund, bail with your beagle or play hooky with your hound — and march your mutt to Magicland! It’s the most woof-erful day of the year!

Header image via Flickr by Petful