Get Your ZZZZZZs and Wheeeeees!

Was that you rattling the chains on our gate yesterday?

(If not, it was probably a raccoon. We get a lot of them in Magicland.)

If you were wondering why you didn’t see a scowling (but helpful!) FUNployee at the Magicland ticket booth on Monday, it’s because we were off celebrating National Napping Day! Mostly voluntarily.  To be honest, some of us drank a bit too much of Carny Clem’s homemade “slushie” and dozed off for a few more hours than intended (a 22-hour nap is good for the soul, kids!).

Needless to say, the carnies are feeling a bit asleep at the wheel right now, which makes today the very best day for thrill seekers to visit!  Tilt-a-Whirl rides are lasting 47 minutes, and the patrons on the roller coaster have been riding for six hours now.  Apparently, in Slushieland, no carny can hear you scream.

National Napping Day is a favorite tradition in Magicland. Why, look at our own Uncle Frank celebrating on the Scrambler! #throwbacktuesdayafternoon (That’s a thing, right?)