Celebrate Presidents’ Day at Magicland!

Magicland is proud to celebrate Presidents’ Day this Monday — and in true Magicland style, we’re doing things a little differently.

Any old park can honor the easy presidents — your Washingtons, your Lincolns, your John Adams, with Quincy or without. But this year, we’re going all out for one of history’s near-forgotten American leaders: Ohio representative, senator and ninth president of the United States, William Henry Harrison.

To commemorate President Harrison’s 30 days in office (he died of pneumonia a month into the job in 1841), Magicland day passes on Monday will cost $30. That’s 1.6% off the regular price of $30.49! And every 30th corn dog at the Fry Anything stand is half price — those are truly presidential savings!

Best of all, every Magicland ride on Monday will last exactly 30 seconds. So you can ride dozens and dozens of times on our carousel, kiddie cars and spinning cocoamugs, all for the usual two tickets per ride!

And don’t worry about the other rides; Magicland has you covered. We’ll provide flashlights, so you can walk back from 30 seconds into the Haunted House ride and the Tunnel of Love. And the ladders to climb down that first hill of the roller coaster are on the house, too. It’s all part of our William Henry Harrison Day presidential service!

So drop by Magicland for Presidents’ Day, and celebrate a Monday holiday, speedy rides, slightly cheaper corn dogs and Ohio’s own William Henry Harrison. It’s Tippecanoe and Magic, too!

Header image via Wikipedia