Celebrate NaNoWriBoMaDoHosPomCOPreeBloPoSwePoHoYoMovember at Magicland!

The leaves have browned and the clocks have turned — but there’s still fun to be had at Magicland! Most amusement parks have closed up shop for the winter, but Magicland never closes. We’re open twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, so there’s always time for magic!

In fact, this is one of our favorite months, because November is positively jam packed with reasons to celebrate. And we love them all! You might know that November is National Novel Writing Month, and also “Mo-vember”, where gentlemen grow month-long mustaches to raise awareness for mens’ health issues.

(But please don’t mention mustaches to Conductor Bob. He put one on the Happy Worm Train last year, and people started thinking it was a ride-share service. We could barely tear him away from doing really slow airport shuttle runs for extra cash.)

The monthly magic doesn’t stop there, however. November is also Bone Marrow Donor Awareness Month, Hospice Month, National Pomegranate Month, COPD Awareness Month, Prematurity Awareness Month, National Blog Posting Month, Sweet Potato Awareness Month and National Homeless Youth Month. How fun is that?

So whatever you’re into, come celebrate NaNoWriBoMaDoHosPomCOPreeBloPoSwePoHoYoMovember at Magicland. We’ll have a banner — a really, really long banner — and various pamphlets, how-tos, recipes, donation boxes, sign-ups, stickers and tiny combs, for all your various favorite happenings this November.

Sorry, we mean this NaNoWriBoMaDoHosPomCOPreeBloPoSwePoHoYoMovember! Why, it rolls right off the tongue. Like magic!