A Magicland Easter Egg-stravaganza!

It’s Easter weekend, and Magicland is gearing up for the big holiday now! Sammy Skink is trying on his Easter bunny cotton tail, the Happy Worm Train is decked out in pastel colors — and best of all, Magicland is hosting our very first Easter egg hunt!

The big event is Sunday morning at 9am, but come see us today for a trial run. We’ve hidden painted eggs all over the Magicland grounds, so join us today for a “pragg-tice” Easter egg hunt. The fun starts at noon, and it’s Easter Magical!

Update (11:50am): The leader of our Egg Decorating Team, Permo the Clown, has informed us she was unaware the eggs should be hard-boiled first. (“How should I know,” she explained. “I’m Jewish.”) So please be careful when handling any found eggs.

Update (12:16pm): Magicland apologizes for the raw eggs used in today’s egg hunt. Patrons with visible egg-related stains on their clothing are eligible for a free water spray from the Blaster to clean up. (One blast per person, non-transferable.)

Update (12:21pm): Please refrain from using recovered eggs at the Sammy Skink dunk tank on the Midway. Sammy happens to be allergic to eggs, and also the tank water is starting to resemble an egg wash.

Update (12:33pm): We’d like to point out that the hawk’s nest near the top of the roller coaster is not part of the Easter egg hunt. Please do not disturb the eggs in the hawk’s nest; our staff has nicknamed her “Aunt Pecky” for a reason.

Update (12:39pm): The Sammy Skink dunk tank has been closed until further notice, due to repeated and relentless egging. Also, Sammy’s morning appearances are rescheduled for whenever Nurse Nancy can get the swelling to go down. Meanwhile, the dunk tank has been adopted by the Fry Anything stand as a prep area for their deep-fried chocolate bunnies. Hop on over and try one!

Update (12:44pm): We’ve learned that Conductor Bob hid several dozen eggs under the skirts of the bumper cars. We recommend avoiding that area of the park. It’s a real egg-pocalypse over there.

Final Update (12:58pm): Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sunday’s Easter egg hunt has been canceled. Instead, Magicland will host an omelette, quiche and frittata Easter brunch, starting at 10am. Dishes will be available at the Fry Anything satellite stand (aka, the dunk tank/egg wash station). As our park manager Candy says: “Yum.”

Header image via Flickr by Kate Ter Haar