We’d Like to Thank the MAGIC-ademy…

It’s been an exciting few weeks here in East Toledo, because the Magicland webseries has been taking the world by storm! Or by scattered showers, anyway. Maybe by light drizzle. Still! The forecast says it’s raining magic!

We ended 2015 with a win in the webseries category at The Online Film Festival (TOFF).  In February, we won Best Webseries of the Month at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF).   And last week, we received a trophy for 2nd Place in the webseries category at the 12 Month Festival in Romania!  Yes, Romania!  The place Dracula is from!

(The real Dracula, not the one in Magicland’s haunted house. We bought him off Ebay. Or Craigslist. Or Christian Mingle. We can’t remember.

But! We have the next best thing to Dracula! Carny Cletus claims he is 17% Transylvanian. We’re still waiting on his long-form birth certificate to come in, but we can confirm that he can’t fall asleep during the work day unless he’s wearing overalls covered in soil from his native land.)

We are so happy that Drinkstorm Studios “brought home the statue”, as the kids say. Unfortunately, they refuse to let us keep it in our trophy case (something about our inadequate hazard insurance), but you can still swing by the Magicland trophy room and check out all the awards the park has won since we opened! Here are just a few you can ogle:

1980, New Entrepreneur Awards:  Most Exciting New Kiosk in Toledo

Uncle Frank accidentally submitted Magicland under “kiosk” instead of “kiddie attraction”. But we got a win out of it, so score for Uncle Frank!

1981, New Entrepreneur Awards: Most Exciting New Kitten Shelter in Toledo

Uncle Frank had pretty awful handwriting. But it sure motivated us to give the raccoons in the petting zoo a crash course on meowing!

1985, East Toledo Tire and Battery: Most Creative Use of Mud Flaps on a Theme Park Ride

Have you ever seen mud flaps on a carousel horse? No? How about on a spinning tea cup?  In Magicland, if you can dream it — or even if you can’t — it will happen!

1996, Taste of Toledo: The Whaaaaaaat? Award

Fun Fact: the Fry Anything stand has won this trophy every year since!

2003, Official Summons from Central Toledo Traffic Court

Apparently, the Happy Worm Train got away from Conductor Bob and blew through six red lights before he flagged it down. Fortunately, he got off on a technicality (the Happy Worm is colorblind), so we consider it a win!

2015, Best Ohio Theme Park

Technically, this was supposed to go to Sixteen Flags, but it got sent to us by mistake. (Shhhh! Don’t tell them!)