Magicland Asks: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st, and everyone knows Dad is tired of the same old neckties and golf balls and cartoon he-man grilling aprons. But if picking the perfect present for your Pop has you perplexed, perk up — Magicland has you covered!

For a gift you and Dad will never forget, come to Magicland any time this weekend and sign up for our Father’s Day “Who’s Your Daddy?” extravaganza, featuring a free paternity test for dear old Dad. What better way to make his day truly special than to prove with science that he’s your Dad? We couldn’t think of one. So we’re doing it!

The fun starts in our Magicland nurse tent, where volunteers from Toledo Health Services will swab the insides of your cheeks to collect DNA samples. Think of the swabs as lollipops, only made of cotton. And science!

While your genetic material is being tested by the happy healthcare team, you and Dad can enjoy all the Magicland rides together for half price. That’s right — from the Happy Worm Train to the Terrorizer, a single fare gets you both a seat. Because on Father’s Day, Dads — and also “probably-Dads” — ride free!

But there’s more! All “Who’s Your Daddy?” participants also receive a goodie bag with awesome swag, including your own souvenir cotton swab, an “I Gave DNA at Magicland!” coffee mug, a child-size T-shirt with “Are You My Daddy?” slogan, genetic testing release forms and brochures. Informational brochures!

And don’t worry about following up on the paternity test. In three to five days, we’ll mail two sets of results right to your door — one for “Dad”, and one for Junior with an awesome maze puzzle on the back! It’s the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

So bring your Pop down to Magicland this weekend and join the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Father’s Day celebration. Because it’s not just a party — it’s a paternity party!

Super sliding dad pic via David on Flickr.