Fall Into Magic at Magicland!

The leaves are turning and ragweed is wreaking havoc on your nostrils, but there is still plenty of magic to be had at Toledo’s ninth favorite theme park!  Our competitors may be locking their gates for the season, but Magicland certainly doesn’t let a little frost put an end to our autumn-azing fun! (Yep! We put the “brrrr” in bragging rights!) So, harvest up your biggest grin and check out these festive promotions that will make you “fall” in love with Magicland all over again.

  • Scheduled Skinky Hours: In the summer, skinks just love to come out and meet the kiddos at all times of the day or night, but in the fall they need to hibernate. For this reason, if you want a photo, hug or a skinky high-five from our mascot Sammy the Skink, it’s best to schedule a reservation ahead of time right at his Skink Shack. Missed your scheduled time? No problem!  If you see a big pile of leaves near the food pavilion, just jump in! Most likely it is Sammy taking a nap. (Please jump on the left side of the pile to avoid Sammy’s bum hip!) If it’s not Sammy, it’s probably one of our helpful funployees taking their afternoon snooze. Ask them for directions to Sammy’s pile!
  • CAN You Be My Pumpkin? Everyone and their illegitimate brother seems to be hosting a pumpkin festival, but only Magicland has a canned pumpkin festival!  During the months of September and October, the park will be filled with thousands of sculptures made out of cans of pumpkin. (Check out the memorial sculpture of Magicland’s founder, Frank Skinkerelli. It’s a beauty!) Dare your family to climb to the top of the pumpkin can wall or carve your own canned jack-o-lantern to bring home as a souvenir. Want to test your luck at canned pumpkin bobbing?  You better bring your best-fitting dentures!  (If you forget, just ask the First Aid Station. They always have extra pairs!) No matter how you spend your day, there is plenty of  “canned” laughter and fun at Magicland!
  • Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! Here at Magicland, we never get sick of pumpkin spice, so we are putting it in everything! Try our delicious pumpkin spice corndogs, our pumpkin spice meatloaf-on-a-stick, and the fried, pumpkin spice lip balm from the Fry Anything stand. Want to smell pumpkin everywhere you go?  Pick up Sammy the Skink’s Spicy Pumpkin air freshener at Ohio Tire and Battery located in the front of the park on Toledo Street, USA.  (Don’t worry, pumpkin haters! The original scent, Smells Like Skink Spirit, is still available, too!)