Big Changes Coming at Magicland!

Everyone knows Magicland is the place where magic comes to life — and we’re always working on new ways to make your visits extra-special! Check out these exciting new changes coming your way soon!

Don’t MUS-tard with Success!

We at Magicland are positively thrilled to announce that our mustard cups are getting bigger! Honestly, it’s true!

Fans of the park will recognize the stacks of small paper condiment cups — called “souffle cups” in the industry; ooh la la! — near the ketchup and mustard dispensers. After months of tense negotiations, our food service vendors have agreed to stock one ounce cups from now on, instead of the three-quarter ounce cups we’ve all been using.

This changes everything! Corn dogs! Hot pretzels! Foot-longs! We couldn’t be more excited — the Magicland offices haven’t been this abuzz in years!

He Shoots, He Skees!

In another unbelievable coup for Magicland visitors, one of the park’s favorite Midway games just got better!

It gives us “ex-Skeeme” pleasure to announce that the three vintage Skee-Ball games — tucked between the deep fried tapioca stand and the Jell-O dunk tank — will now pay four tickets per ten thousand points, rather than three! Amazing!

Limits and conditions apply, and “traditional” payouts are in effect on weekends, summer months, holidays and weekdays after 3pm. Still! Four tickets for Skee-Ball! What a world we live in!

One Other Thing

Finally, it’s probably worth mentioning that Jake Skinkerelli, son of beloved Magicland founder/owner “Uncle” Frank Skinkerelli, will be taking over the park following his father’s recent and untimely death.

When reached for comment about Magicland’s hysterically thrilling new condiment and Skee-Ball initiatives, “Cousin Jake” responded:

“Wait, is that really the sort of thing you put on the website? And don’t call me ‘Cousin Jake’. Also, can this wait? I’m delivering Dad’s eulogy here.”

So. That’s the word from the new owner, who swears he’s really Frank Skinkerelli’s son and not adopted. I say only a DNA test can say for sure. In the meantime, good luck to Jake. And good luck to us all.